Guenady Ragi

Board Member

Member of The Lebanese Bulgarian Business Council


  • Active in the mutual business relation (Libano-Bulgarian) and founding board member in LBBC (Lebanese Business Bulgarian Council)
  • Double nationality (Lebanese and Bulgarian)
  • Accredited from the Bulgarian embassy in Lebanon
  • Awarded from the minister of culture (Feb. 2016) for my great support of popularizing Bulgarian culture and traditions in Lebanon (H.E vejdi rashidov)
  • Founder of the Lebanese Cluster travel and tourism group in Lebanon to sell the incoming tourism abroad
  • In a very good relation with the airport management and Airport security at Varna Airport
  • In a very good relation with the municipality of Varna
  • Very good connection with the ministry of foreign affairs in Bulgaria
  • Very well known in the Lebanese community in Bulgaria
  • Very well known in the Bulgarian community in Lebanon
  • Sponsoring and active in the Lebanese Graduate Group in Bulgaria (+/-1000 Lebanese) doctors & engineers
  • Sponsoring many events in OTV (dinners, Loca Beach, Political events, etc…..)
  • Owner of 2 offices in Bulgaria (Sofia and Varna) from which can be execute the consular duties
  • In 2006 I personally took care of the evacuation for the Bulgarian living in Lebanon and the Lebanese Stuck in Bulgaria
  • Sending more than 2000 tourist each year since 1998 until now
  • In a permanent relationship with the Bulgarian embassy staff and Diplomats
  • Sponsoring all the Diplomatic event in the Embassy
  • Personal Tour Operator of the Bulgarian Embassy in Lebanon
  • Sponsoring of the Bulgarian school in Lebanon
  • I organized a visit from the Lebanese chamber of commerce industry and agriculture a visit to Sofia in 2016 and vice versa in 2017
  • Organized a lots of Fam trip (familiarization Trip) from Bulgaria to Lebanon to upsell the incoming tourism in Lebanon


Professional Experience
  • Owner of Nadia Travel and Tourism since 1997 till today
  • Owner of (the first and only online Travel agency in Lebanon)
  • Owner of Hotel and Bed (a B2B online platform for travel agencies)
  • Real-estate in Bulgaria

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